Top 5 Brands of Tapware Available in Sydney, Australia

In the plot to rejuvenate your bathroom, toilet, or kitchen, which are some of the most essential personal spaces in a home, you need to identify the top tapware brands to choose from. These bathrooms or kitchen tapware serve excellent purposes in the distribution and availability of water were necessary for the house. And any failure to pick the best brands may mean flooding for the whole house or some inadequate water supply when needed.

In some instances, it may not be constructing a new house with bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. So, choosing the best tapware brand is crucial even in renovation and fixing of the wrong part of these places. Apart from buying the whole components, you may need some other valuable accessories and details of the taps, which may turn out more costly. Meanwhile, not all tapware brands are expensive in Australia, but you must be familiar with the right brands to buy.

Instead of leaving the choice open-ended, you may find this article a helpful guide to help you figure things out. Therefore, the following brands are the most popular in Australia, especially if you seek excellent quality and durability. Meanwhile, the article discusses the features of these brands and items that are available in the market.

Top Australian Tapware Brands


Bestow is the leading brand in the whole of Australia with over 20 years of experience in the home equipment market. One of the top products of this brand is the precision tap specially made for specific client orders. It also comes in the ancient European style that offers much more than the price tag. Again, when you buy any of the products belonging to the Bastow brand, you can be confident of a 5-year warranty against any fault in the tapware. 

Below is a list of items in Bastow collection of kitchen and bathroom items;

  • Bastow Kitchen tapware
  • Bastow basin tapware
  • Bastow laundry tapware
  • Bastow bathroom accessories 
  • Bastow bathroom tapware
  • Bastow shower and rails
  • Shower tapware by Bastow


Caroma broke into the Australian market over 75 years ago and has since grown as a formidable brand. So much so that there is hardly a retailing store of various homeware, including tapware, that you won’t find Caroma products. Apart from physical stores, Caroma items are also available in online retail stores of homewares of different shapes, sizes, and functions. Meanwhile, the company focuses much more on the bathroom items of other classes.

Apart from the bathroom items, Caroma also takes care of a few other parts of the house. For instance, some of the Caroma products are suitable in the kitchen and the laundry setup. These items may include toilet suites, tapware, mixers, baths, basins, showers, and other essential items. No doubt, Caroma is an established brand in Australia that provides terrific products that meet the specific needs of users. 

When rating the durability, satisfaction, design, and ease of installing the tapware, Caroma gives a 5-star experience. From bath outlet to bath filler, Caroma’s tapware is some of the best items you should have in the home. Also, the products come with a lengthy warranty period and boast a stain-proof on the outermost coating. These qualities establish the brand as the most suitable for users who prefer less mobility.

Some of the classic items of the Caroma brand available in the market include the following;

  • Caroma Basin Tapware
  • Caroma Laundry Taps
  • Caroma Bathroom Tapware
  • Showers & Rails By Caroma
  • Caroma Kitchen Tapware
  • Caroma Shower Tapware


Abey supplies virtually all the household tools you may need in the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, and laundry. In addition, you can depend on the brand for tapware and other related appliances. Meanwhile, the stock also comprises different styles and color varieties of the brand, including customized qualities. Users can also customize some of the installation processes depending on the amount of space that you can afford to spare in your home. 

In addition, the prices of the Abey brand items are also quite affordable, including accessories such as the robe hooks to the large bathtubs. But the tapware is especially applicable for standalone basins, basin mixers, showers, wall mixers, and other water supply areas. Abey produces 5-star quality products in design, features, durability, variety, and overall customer satisfaction. 


Already, IKEA is a brand for almost every item you can think of in the home as they offer some of the best tapware quality to ever see. The brand covers home appliance and construction items for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, and even toilets. Also, these items are not only available in physical stores. Online retail stores also offer great discounts for IKEA products such as tapware. Even the dimensions and sizes of the products are stunning enough for the user’s satisfaction.

Some of the classic items you can find in this brand category are shower sets, sinks, rails, tapware, shower mixers, and showerheads. Besides, the prices are pretty affordable for the ready buyer with different options that make the spending worthwhile. At the same time, you can depend on IKEA products for firstly durability. In addition, IKEA tapware is also above average in terms of overall customer satisfaction.


Dorf is an exceptional Australian brand since it was found in 1948 with a wide variety of bathroom and kitchen wares. You can find tapware, shower outlets, mixer taps for your kitchen, toilet, and laundry basins. The primary destination for the Dorf brand product is the Dorf website. Still, you can also take advantage of reliable retail stores such as the Tile and Bath Co in Sydney, Australia. Apart from an online store, you can also take advantage of special offers and promos.

Irrespective of your basin size, you can also find the right Dorf tapware that fits perfectly for use. More so, there are more than one finishes on the tapware and the accessories. For instance, users can pick the chrome finish that is more traditional or select from those with a mixture of black, rose, or gold. This Dorf tapware is so exceptional that users rate them above average on several properties, including design and overall satisfaction.


On the final note, the above brands are not the only available tapware brands in Australia. For instance, you can find American Standard, Mondella, Estilo, Blanco, Eden, Arc, Armando Vicario, Flexispray, Puretec, Wolfen, Phoenix, etc. On the other hand, you may want to consider some qualities in these top brands before finally choosing. For instance, what is the value for money, ease of cleaning, design, variety, and durability of your choice of tapware brand? In the end, hopefully, this article can enhance your choice immensely.